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Sports Laser Land Leveller


  • Reliable, effective & easy to operate power mast which saves both time & energy.
  • More leveled and smooth soil surface obtained.
  • More uniform moisture environment for crops.
  • Reduces the amount of water required for land preparation.
  • Decreases the time to complete tasks of irrigation.
  • Good germination and growth of crop.
  • Reduced consumption of seeds, fertilizers, chemical and fuel.
  • Improves uniformity of crop maturity.


  • Spring-loaded sheet metal clamps for propeller shaft & exhaust pipe.
  • Pullies with the bush.
  • Easy flow of straw.
  • Independent balanced rotating parts.
  • Straw Cutting Threshing in single operation.
  • Safety covers on all the moving parts.
  • Equipped with Grain storage tank.
  • During working in the field, the safety alarm keeps an operator alert.

Technical Specification

Working Width( mm ) 2134 2434
Bucket Plate Thickness( mm ) 10 10
Cutting Blade Thickness( mm ) 12 12
Weight ( Kg.Approx ) 730 775
Hydraulic Cylinder Bore 80mm 80mm
Stroke 13inch 13inch
Distributor 20-258 LPM. 20-258 LPM.
Tractor Power(HP) 50 Above 60 Above
Overall( Length x Width x Height ) 3270 x 2154 x 2910 3270 x 2455 x 2910
Tyres 6-16SL , Single Axle , Double Axle
Make AZ 1500T
Operating Range Dia. 600-1000 Meter
Rotation Speed 600/700/800/900/1000 RPM +10%
Remote Control Range 500 Meter Approx
Led Display Laser Diade Red ( 635mm )
Make AZ 1500R
Power Supply 12-24V DC
Operating Range Dia. 600-900 Meter
Led Display High Bright
Make AZ 1500CB
Led Display Show up grade , on-grade and below grade position of the laser receiver / LCD
On Grade Led Green
High / Low Led Red / Yellow
Out Beam Indication Yes