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Power Harrow


  • Power Harrow is used to turn, break, refine and even distribution of soil over the entire working width to create a perfect seed bed.
  • Its boron steel long blades help achieve deep tillage in any type of soil.
  • It reduces the number of tillage operations reducing number of passes, thus help in reducing compaction of soil.
  • Depth controller is provided for depth control and to level the soil bed.


  • Self-adjustable side stone deflector is provided for safety by not allowing the stones to scatter.
  • Its sturdy structure is welded with high thickness plates which make sure that it operates under toughest conditions.
  • Its Gear Box designed with quality components promises longer life cycle of the implement.
  • It ensures faster operation and completes function in less time reducing fuel consumption and soil compaction.

Technical Specification

Overall Width( mm ) 1450 1700 1950
Cutting Width( mm ) 1250 1500 1750
No of Blades 10 12 14
Depth in 1st Pass( Inch ) 6-7 6-7 6-7
Depth in 2nd Pass( Inch ) 10-11 10-11 10-11
Weight ( Kg.Approx ) 450 490 530
Tractor Power(HP) 40-45 45-50 50-55